Cable Avoidance Training From Sygma Solutions

Cable strikes are running at about an average of 60,000 every year in the UK as a result of contractors digging without knowledge of underground utilities. That is an average of 165 every single day of the year and, at best, results in a delay on the contract while the utility sends workers to resolve the problem. A cable strike can also result in minor injury, serious injury, and in a handful of cases, fatalities.

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Sygma Solutions Is The Leading Cable Avoidance Training Company In The UK

Sygma Solutions is the leading provider of cable avoidance training in the UK. Our courses are based on first hand experience in the field. We have cable locator manufacturing experience which means that we understand the equipment inside out: we know how it works, why it works, and what it can – and equally importantly cannot – do.

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Now approved by CICES

Sygma Solutions Ltd is very pleased to announce that our popular 5 Day Utility Mapping Training course has now been approved by CICES. This means anyone attending the course will be given free student membership to CICES followed by free affiliate membership until March 2019 on course completion.

Our utility mapping course is the only course in the industry approved by both the TSA (The Survey Association) and CICES and in addition offers the option of the Proqual Level 3 Utility Mapping and Surveying qualification.

Its been a busy year for accreditation with Sygma Solutions Ltd as we are also now a CITB Approved Training Organisation.

Accreditations are all well and good but its the quality of the training that matters –  we take an absolute maximum of 4 people on our 5 day course giving the delegates enough one on one time with our experienced trainer/assessor.

The next course with availability is the 29th October , contact us for more details or if you are a TSA member contact The Survey School directly for your discounted rate.



CAT 4 And Genny 4 Training from Sygma Solutions

When you are a contractor engaged in any sort of excavation – which most contractors are, unless you are just a painter and decorator – the most important thing that you can do is to avoid hitting any underground utilities when you dig. If you don’t know exactly what is under the ground, at best you might hit a water pipe which will make you wet. At worst you will hit an electricity cable which can easily kill, or a gas pipe which can cause a huge explosion and do the same.

Any sort of cable strike is bad because, again at best, you will have to stop work and stand idle until the utility concerned has repaired it. This could cause you loss of income as you have workers doing nothing, but it could also result in a very large claim for loss of income from businesses affected by the damage caused by your workers. It could also result in claims from the company employing you, and loss of reputation in addition. It has not been unknown for a contractor to go out of business as the result of a cable strike.

This is why the CAT and Genny course that we provide at Sygma Solutions is essential training for your operatives. The CAT and Genny are the two most important tools for underground utility location, but the sad fact is that the majority of operatives do not understand how to use them to their fullest capabilities, nor yet understand their limitations.

We train your operatives in the use of the CAT 4 and Genny 4 in all modes, and they will no doubt be very surprised at all the things these tools can do when used properly. We put strong emphasis on Genny training, and first ensuring that the equipment is working correctly before commencing a search. We teach the benefits of dual frequency applications, & how to use the Genny to locate small and/or non-earthed cables using capacitance, how to effectively earth the Genny 4, and different methods including earth positioning. We also demonstrate blind induction search and effective nulling of services.

Our CAT training is second to none, and we have a basic one-day course available, together with a full 5-day course from which your operatives will emerge knowing as much about underground utility surveying as we do ourselves. You cannot get better training than the courses provided by Sygma Solutions.

CAT And Genny Training From Sygma Solutions

When contractors are undertaking any sort of work that involves penetrating the ground there is the ever-present risk of striking an underground utility. This could be electricity, gas, water, telecoms, fibre optics, and more. The Health and Safety Executive produces a pdf entitled “Avoiding Danger From

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CATSCAN Training For Cable Avoidance Is Critical

It is a fact that there are far too many cable strikes by operatives engaged in groundwork throughout the UK. One cable strike is one too many, but according to one widely reported set of figures there are approximately 4 million excavations in the UK every year resulting in some 60,000 cable strikes! To be fair, the source of the figures is unknown, but it is not thought to include all works or annual variations.
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Due to demand, we have now available a couple of public training courses open to individuals on Cat and Genny training at our premises in Wigan. Prices are £95 plus VAT per person.
You can add onto this the Proqual Level 2 Award in Utility Avoidance and the Location of Buried Services in Construction (provided you can prove you have previous experience of Cat and Genny training) for an additional registration fee of £35.

The upcoming courses are:
20th July
17th August

Please contact for availability

2018 – Sygma Solutions Ltd have relocated!

Sygma Solutions Ltd have outgrown their previous premises and from 1st July 2018 will be located at Hindley Business Centre, Platt Lane, Hindley, Wigan, WN2 3PA

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2018 Free MALA courses

Sygma Solutions Ltd is the exclusive UK distributor of the Malå Easy Locator and we hold FREE OF CHARGE – FULLY CERTIFIED training on this system and post processing for new and existing customers. The training sessions are delivered by Malå using our training facility in Wigan. The sessions are aimed at introducing customers to the system but also for existing customers to make full use of the features of the machines.

The next available courses are:
13th August – Module 1 Malå Easy Locator
14th August – Module 2 Post Processing only

5th September – Module 1 Malå Easy Locator
6th September – Module 2 Post Processing only

Due to demand places are limited to 2 per company.
Please contact for current availability

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Mala Easy Locator gets “Easier” to hire!

Sygma Solutions are the official distributors for the Mala Easy Locator System.

We realise that many users may prefer to hire the Easy Locator, for short term or even long term projects and remember that this system is Network Rail Approved. We have therefore decided to offer discounted hire rates for the Easy Locator system.

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Courses Availability

21/09/2018 – Cat & Genny Training Course

18/10/2018 – Cat and Genny Training Course


  • 05/09/2018 – Module 1 – Mala Easy Locator
  • 06/09/2018 – Module 2 – Post Processing




please contact: for current availability and booking form

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