The Energy & utility Skills Register (EUSR) issues cards to some operatives in affiliation with the CSCS. These cards display a photograph of the holder, their name, and unique EUSR number. The reverse side of the card displays their registrations and their expiry dates. Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) affiliated cards are issued to operatives who have passed a Utility SHEA scheme since 1 December 2008. These operatives will have passed the new affiliated randomised health & safety test. If an operative has not passed one of these tests, then the CSCS hologram will not appear on their card.

CSCS affiliated cards carry the CSCS hologram in the top left corner. A coloured bar may also appear under this hologram denoting the level that the operative has achieved in line with the CSCS card colour scheme. The bars are as follows: red is a trainee, green an operative, blue a skilled worker, and gold is a supervisor. If an EUSR card does not carry the CSCS hologram it is not affiliated to the CSCS and the holder may not use it for access to CSCS sites.

Sygma Solutions is an EUSR approved trainer and a CITB approve trainer and conducts EUSR CAT and Genny courses which go into depth about cable and utility avoidance. The courses are divided into classroom sessions and working on site.

The courses cover the reasons for using buried utilities locating equipment, health and safety, the financial implications of cable strikes (which can be severe), guidance on compliance with HSG47, and other national legislation. Operatives are taught how to understand buried service plans (STATS) and why they may not always be accurate and can be misleading.

Electromagnetic theory is explained to show how buried cable and pipe locators work, and also their limitations. Operatives are then shown how the CAT and Genny work, with emphasis on the Genny and ensuring it is correctly calibrated. They learn how to interpret the signal, changes of direction and depth, and how to locate service joints.

Out on site, operatives will learn the importance of making visual site checks before any work is commenced and will be trained in the use of the CAT 4 and Genny in all modes. They will also learn how to identify problem services such as street lighting and small services.

There is then a written multiple-choice assessment paper which they will sit, the pass mark for which is 70%.

Courses Availability

2 Day Advanced EM Course (RD8100 & VIVAX)

In depth course covering electromagnetic locators, theory and intensive practical on our real world training site.

Cost: £295 per person
Location: Wigan
8th – 9th April
15th – 16th April
20th – 21st May
17th – 18th June

1 Day Mala GPR Module 1 – Theory & Practical

Cost: FOC
Location: Wigan
24th April
5th June

1 Day Mala GPR Module 2 – Post processing

Cost: FOC
Location: Wigan
25th April
6th June

3 Day Advanced GPR – All Manufactures with Dan Bigman Learn

Cost: £995
Location: Wigan
19th -21st June

5 Day TSA & ICES Approved 5 Day Utility Mapping Course

Location: Worcester
20th – 25th May
24th – 29th June
22nd – 27th July

1 Day Public Genny & CAT course – Can Inlcude Level 2 Qual as option

Cost: £95
Location: Wigan
26th April
24th May
21st June

Level 3 Utility Mapping Qualification – All Online

Cost: £245
Location: Online
Dates: To suit

Level 5 Diploma Utility Mapping Qualification – Online workbooks – followed by assessment

Cost £1100 + Reg Fee
Location: Sygma training centre or your site
Dates: To suit.

Public Cat & Genny Training can also include Proqual Level 2 if requested

22nd March, 26th April
24th May, 21st June, 26th July

Sygma PAS 128 Utility Surveyor Training Including Proqual Level 3 Utility Mapping and Surveying

25th March, 29th April
20th May, 24th June, 22nd July
19th August, 23rd September, 21st October
18th November, 09th December

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