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Sygma Solutions Ltd has now been appointed the Exclusive Distributor in the UK for the Mala Easy Locator (GPR) System.

 Mala Easy Locator (GPR) Training from Sygma Solutions Ltd

Utility Locating made Easy... again

Course Bookings from Sygma Solutions LtdThe MALÅ Easy Locator revolutionized the utility locating industry and became the industry standard to which all later products is compared. Built on this massive success, MALÅ introduces the Easy Locator
HDR (High Dynamic Range). The MALÅ Easy Locator HDR, is faster, even easier to use, more powerful and delivers cleaner data with more detail at up to 20% better penetration depth to comparable systems.

The MALÅ Easy Locator HDR fits also nicely into the MALÅ Rough Terrain Cart (RTC) option.Advances in the design and construction of buried utilities have resulted in the ever increasing use of non-metallic materials. Locate professionals know the difficulties associated with non-metallic utilities and that conventional locating tools leave you a few pieces short. Ground penetrating radar is the only technology available that neither require physical connection to the utility, nor does it rely on electromagnetic (EM) radiation from the utility. The MALÅ Easy Locator series was designed to meet with the requirements from the locating industry and has become the standard ground penetrating radar utility locating tool.

The MALÅ Easy Locator HDR looks at first glance similar to its predecessor and is keeping all the appreciated features and functions but it is a major improvement in data quality, power management and speed. Even if the Easy Locator'swell-known look and feel is kept intact, the user interface is made even simpler and clearer. Collected data is of unprecedented quality and max continuous run-time is now at 14 hours. The new Easy Locator HDR also includes a builtin DGPS receiver, simplifying positioning of identified utilities. Maybe the most important aspect of the new MALÅ Easy Locator HDR, the price structure is kept at the same level as before, well below competive and comparable products.

Having dealt with various types of GPR equipment, for our application there is no alternative to the MALÅ Easy Locator. It is simply the best suited GPR unit to solve our detection needs.
- MWH Global, U.K.

The market leading MALÅ Easy Locator

The MALÅ Easy Locator was the first ground penetrating radar specifically designed for only one application area, to detect buried utilities. With everything built into one unit, designed to deliver results immediately at site, and with an understandable and dedicated interface, the MALÅ Easy Locator made ground penetrating radar measurements easier, more accessible and understandable. The MALÅ Easy Locator HDR is the new improved, soon-to-be, market leader for ground penetrating radar utility detection.

The MALÅ Easy Locator HDR is an all-in-one unit with a hinged shaft enabling the entire unit to fit in the back of a standard station wagon for transportation between sites. The (HDR) high dynamic range antenna, optimized for utility detection, are ruggedized, sealed and shielded. The Easy Locator monitor has excellent readability, even in direct sunlight, and the keyboard-less interface is controlled by a single turn-and-push dial. All sensitive parts of the system are carefully protected in a robust aluminum casing, weather protected and built to last through harsh environments and rough transports. The MALÅ Easy Locator is built to deliver at site and the dedicated built-in software is tailored for utility detection and include all necessary components from start to finish. MALÅ's goal when designing and building the system was to make ground penetrating radar simpler, cost effective and more accessible to the utility market, hence the name, The MALÅ Easy Locator HDR.

For more information, see

The MALÅ Easy Locator HDR's hinged shaft simplifies logistics between sites and minimizes startup time.Technical Specification

  • POWER SUPPLY: Li-Ion 12V/8.7Ah battery
  • CONTINUOUS OPERATING TIME: 14h (4 bat. packs)
  • OPERATING TEMP: -20° to +50°C or 0° to 120 °F
  • MAX OPERATING SPEED: >25 km/h (>15 mph)
  • MAX SCAN RATE: >1024 scans/sec. @ 700 samples
  • DISPLAY: 10.4" Color TFT, sunlight-readable, LCD
  • DIM. WITH WHEELS: 67x47x19cm / 26"x19"x7" (excluding handle)
  • TOTAL SYSTEM WEIGHT: 21,5 kg / 47 lb
  • ANTENNA: High Dynamic Range 450MHz Antenna
  • DGPS (SBAS): Built-in. External devices are also supported.

Features and Accessories

  • Ergonomic, Compact and Field rugged design
  • Minimal setup time
  • Simple, one-button, operation
  • Mulitple battery management, no swapping (up to 4 batteries)
  • Real-time zoom (no 'depth window' setting necessary)
  • Multiple Language support
  • Detects metallic and non-metallic utilities
  • On-site marking of utilities and objects
  • Back up cursor for quick and accurate utility marking
  • Rough Terrain Cart as option
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