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Sygma Solutions Ltd specialise in providing unique buried utility location courses. Courses range from a one day Cable Location Course through to a The Survey Association (TSA) approved, five day Utility Surveyor Course which includes Cable Avoidance Training.

Sygma Solutions Ltd. is a leading training provider that specialises in delivering an exceptional buried utility location program for operatives who need to boost their confidence and skills through cat and genny Training. Courses span from a one-day training course through to a five-day Utility Surveyor Course which includes Cable Avoidance Training with pas128 and level 3 qualification in utility mapping enabling a CSCS card, which is approved by The Survey Association (TSA)

Sygma Solutions are also a CITB ATO Approved Training Organisation

Unlike the traditional Cable Avoidance Courses, often based on the knowledge of Power and Passive use, Sygma Solutions Ltd believe that every survey should start with the Genny and this should be used primarily on site. Our Level 2 Cable Avoidance courses help operatives with their confidence and skills to commence an outstanding site survey while gaining an excellent level 2 cable avoidance qualification. There is an option to go for the Nationally recognised Level 2 qualification in utility location and avoidance which is a requirement for HS2 or our in house certified cat and genny course

Not only do we unravel Utility Surveying Knowledge, but we also combine this with a mixture of worldwide experience working alongside cable locator manufacturers. In a nutshell, Sygma Solutions Ltd., have a renowned track record for reducing utility strikes with contractors and Utility companies.

Using the latest tools to empower an operatives learning, we primarily teach an operative to use a signal generator (Genny) precisely on our programs, to drive the best cable location practice to reduce the number of cable strikes and to dig more safely. We can cover all the latest manufacturers equipment including Radiodetection CAT4 and Genny 4, RD8100 Vivax Vscan and Vloc and C Scope locators. CITB ATO Approved CAT & Genny Training & Level 2 ProQual in Utility avoidance and Location HS2 Requirement

Our utility location programs are jam-packed with demonstrations and application techniques that drives-forward knowledge and skills that operatives have never seen before to reduce the safety and risk associated with a cable strike and the detection of accurate cable location.

Courses Availability

Public Cat & Genny Training can also include Proqual Level 2 if requested

15th February,  22nd March,  26th April,

24th May,  21st June,  26th July

Sygma PAS 128 Utility Surveyor Training Including Proqual Level 3 Utility Mapping and Surveying

18th February,  25th March,  29th April

20th May,  24th June,  22nd July

19th August,  23rd September,  21st October

18th November,  09th December

2 Day Electromagnetic Advanced Locator Course Covering RD8000/RD8100 & Vivax Vloc

27th & 28th February

3 Day Learn GPR Training with Dan Bigman

06th – 08th March

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