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CAT & Genny Training Courses

CAT 4 and Genny4 Cable location courses delivered across the UK

CAT & Genny Training Courses

Sygma Solutions provide training in using CAT & Genny equipment to locate buried cables and underground utilities. CAT & Genny training courses cover use of the Radiodetection CAT 3, CAT 4 and Genny4 equipment and range from a one day Cable Location Course through to a TSA (The Survey Association) approved five day Utility Surveyor Course. For details of course contents see below.

At Sygma Solutions we combine our extensive Utility Surveying knowledge and expertise with unparalleled worldwide experience working with manufacturers of Cable Locators. We also have a established position in our industry supported by a proven track record in reducing utility strikes between contractors and utility companies.

We offer a range of courses which differ considerably from standard Cable Avoidance courses where you’ll find much of the content is based around Power and Radio passive use.

Our courses primarily utilise the Genny to cover a wide range of techniques and applications which many operatives have never seen before. This allows us to demonstrate the improved success rate offered when the Genny is used properly.

Course Objectives

This course will ensure:

  • Operatives have an improved awareness of how to avoid causing any damage to buried utilities
  • Operatives can work in a safer, more efficient and more cost effective manner
  • Operatives have the confidence and skills they need to competently carry out a full site survey

Course Assessment

The course is assessed by multiple choice examination. After operatives have carried out all their classroom and site based training they will return to complete their written assessment paper. A minimum pass mark of 70% is required. Other arrangements, such as aural assessment can be offered to operatives with dyslexia or other reading difficulties.

The course will also be assessed during the on-site training. Operatives will be assessed on their ability to locate and mark up buried services using all modes. Operatives will be split into teams of two and set an individual objective to locate every service in a specific area using STATS plans and the necessary equipment.

Classroom Based Study

All operatives will study the following modules in the classroom:

  • Reasons for using buried pipe and cable locators - understanding health, safety & financial implications including guidance on how to comply with HSG47 - Avoiding Danger From Underground Services. Other national legislation and company policy documentation will be discussed. Examples of "getting it wrong" will be demonstrated and discussed.
  • Buried Service Plans (STATS) - Operatives will learn how to interpret and understand a range of different types of service plans.
  • Electromagnetic Theory - How a pipe and cable locator works, theories and limitations and tips and tricks. A session on "myth busting" is included to help operatives understand what the equipment can and cannot locate.
  • Controls and Operation - Correct use of CAT4 & Genny4 in all modes, with strong emphasis on Genny use including checking equipment is functioning correctly.
  • CAT 4 - Interpretation of the signal and how to locate service joints, changes of direction/depth. Strike Alert, an overview of uses and how to disable.
  • Genny4 - Benefits of dual frequency, different applications and how to use the Genny to locate small and/or non-earthed cables using capacitance. How to effectively earth the Genny4 using different methods including earth positioning. Blind Induction search and effective nulling of services.
  • Data Logging - Operatives will learn how to use CAT Manager Software & how to analyse the recorded data – CAT 4 specific.

Site-Based Training

Alongside their classroom-based study, operatives will also train in a number of areas on-site.

Using service plans and existing site information the indicated routes of buried mains and services will be ascertained and operatives will learn the importance of carrying out visual site checks before beginning any work.

Operatives will also be trained on-site in the use of the equipment needed in all modes including:

  • Confirming and locating buried mains and services from the services plans and visual inspection
  • Testing and ensuring equipment is in good working condition

Operatives will also learn how to use the Genny4 effectively and correctly in all its modes and will understand the benefits of using the CAT and Genny combination in all circumstances, including the benefits of dual frequencies in practice.

On-site training will also ensure operatives understand how to effectively locate “problem” services such as street lighting and small service / communications cables.

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