Vivax VLoc Pro Training

Sygma Solutions Vloc Pro Training provides operators the skills to setup and use the VLoc Pro Pipe and Cable Locator System. This course is designed to provide practical experience in using this tool to detect and map buried utility networks.

Pipes and Cables Detection and Avoidance

Vivax Metrotech VLoc Pro is an advanced tool that helps operators quickly and accurately detect buried utilities. Vloc Pro uses dual core processing and collocated antennas to ensure optimal performance.

Vloc Training – Classroom

The course begins with an overview of the need for surveying underground utilities, the HSG47 guidelines and how to conduct a survey that complies with these specifications.

Operatives also learn to study and interpret Buried Service STATS plans, to get an idea of the routes of underground utility networks.

Then they will be given an introduction to Electromagnetic theory and how it is used in pipes and cable detection systems. This sessions will also give them an idea of both the capabilities and limitations of such devices.

After this, the classroom sessions will focus on the features and functions of the VLoc Pro system, and how to use it effectively. Operatives will learn how to check whether the equipment is functioning properly.

They will also be shown how to set up the system, and how to navigate the menus to configure the units. Emphasis is placed on Transmitter configuration, and how to use it in different modes.

Peak and Null location modes, current and depth measurement, correct interpretation of signals are all covered. The course also familiarizes operatives with ways to detect service joints, understanding distortion and its effects.

The Vloc Pro Training shows how to use the transmitter in all modes  – direct connection, clamp connection, and transmitter induction. The benefits of being able to select from a range of frequency settings will be explained.

Vloc Training – Site

The site training will begin with the use of existing site information and STATs plans along with a visual survey to understand and verify the routes of underground utility services.

Then the operatives will check the correct working order of the equipments and commence work, using the VLoc Pro to track and confirm the routes derived from plans and visual inspection. They will learn to set up the transmitter and locator in various modes, configuring them to work together in tandem, to give accurate results in pipe and cable locations.

Using the transmitter in different modes including induction, and selecting the correct frequencies to locate different types of underground assets will be illustrated. Operatives will also learn how to configure the system to locate thin, hard to find cables like those used in signalling and telecommunication networks.

Courses Availability

Public Cat & Genny Training can also include Proqual Level 2 if requested

15th February,  22nd March,  26th April,

24th May,  21st June,  26th July

Sygma PAS 128 Utility Surveyor Training Including Proqual Level 3 Utility Mapping and Surveying

18th February,  25th March,  29th April

20th May,  24th June,  22nd July

19th August,  23rd September,  21st October

18th November,  09th December

2 Day Electromagnetic Advanced Locator Course Covering RD8000/RD8100 & Vivax Vloc

27th & 28th February

3 Day Learn GPR Training with Dan Bigman

06th – 08th March

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