Cable detection and avoidance is a vital part of site surveys to stay compliant with HSG47 This involves using many survey methodologies including radiodetection or electromagnetic location equipment Sygma Solutions provides focused training on the use of CAT 4 and Genny 4 technologies.

Can be combined with a Nationally recognised Level 2 Qualification in Utility Location and Avoidance which is also a HS2 Requirement

Radiodetection CAT4 Training – CITB Approved 

This  course covers the features and operations of CAT 4 and Genny 4 tools. Classroom and on site training are combined to give operators a thorough familiarity with setting up, configuring and using these equipments in utility service detection.


The course begins with an overview of HSG47 guidelines and the need for detecting buried utility resources. Sample situations of mistakes in cable avoidance are used to give operators a feel for the effects of such slips. These include danger to workers who might strike underground electric cables or gas pipes, and danger to the general public.

Next, operatives will be given an overview of Electrical theory and Electromagnetic theory to understand how these are used in cable and pipe locator equipment. The course will also show them how to interpret various types of buried service plans or STATS plans.

CAT 4 and Genny 4 features and modules are discussed, operatives learn how to interpret the signals and also learn how to operate the tools in different modes. They are familiarized with ways to check the equipment to ensure that it is functioning properly .

The different features of the Genny 4 and the advantages of dual frequency signals are covered. The second frequency in the dual frequency output enables detection of thinner cables like those used in telecom networks. Operatives are shown how to earth the Genny 4 equipment, besides techniques like blind induction search, and nulling of services.

The course also covers CAT Manager Software. One of the features of this software is that it provides easy access to the log files created while using the equipment for detection of underground utility networks. .


The on site sessions in Radiodetection CAT4 Training provides hands on practice in using these tools. Operatives get the opportunity to put into practice the techniques they learnt in the classroom sessions, giving them confidence in using these tools in current site survey jobs. Sygma Solution can provide customized Radiodetection CAT4 Training in any site across the United Kingdom.

Courses Availability

Public Cat & Genny Training can also include Proqual Level 2 if requested

15th February,  22nd March,  26th April,

24th May,  21st June,  26th July

Sygma PAS 128 Utility Surveyor Training Including Proqual Level 3 Utility Mapping and Surveying

18th February,  25th March,  29th April

20th May,  24th June,  22nd July

19th August,  23rd September,  21st October

18th November,  09th December

2 Day Electromagnetic Advanced Locator Course Covering RD8000/RD8100 & Vivax Vloc

27th & 28th February

3 Day Learn GPR Training with Dan Bigman

06th – 08th March

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