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Following the huge success of the launch of the New Mala HDR Easy Locator GPR system we are now offering free of charge 1 day trials of the system (subject to availability).


The feedback we have had from customers has been excellent, and we are still finding, through customer feedback and our own testing, that it is outperforming other manufacturers systems


We believe that the best way to compare systems is on a side by side basis and that’s what we want to give you the chance to do.


Therefore if you have a current GPR system no matter what the make, why not take us up on the offer and compare it side by side for yourself?  You have nothing to lose. Or if you would prefer an onsite demonstration please let us know.


We are also going to be running another of our 'one day free of charge' certified Mala training courses on Monday 28th April at our training site in Wigan, this is open to all on a first come first serve basis.


In addition, we will shortly be producing a training DVD, based on the Mala system.  This short DVD will cover the very simple controls and use of the Easy locator


Sygma Solutions offer a an overnight service on the Mala Easy locator, we understand that the GPR systems are in constant use, and downtime for maintenance is a real problem for our customers, our extensive workshop now stocks every available part for the Mala Easy Locator so kit “waiting for parts” rarely happens, and our workshop technician is happy to work evenings to facilitate this. Drop your unit off at 5pm and the morning after it will be ready for collection at 8am. We can offer the same service via courier but you would need to take the travelling time into account.


With hire units also available at reasonable prices, we are fully committed to providing not only an excellent GPR system, but also full support in terms of training, repairs, and technical assistance for all our customers


In other news

All of our previous 5 day utility surveyor courses, over the last few months have been fully subscribed before we had chance to advertise! We do though have 1 place left on our 19
th May Course for anyone interested.


 And finally

I am delighted to announce that my wife Michaela Ashcroft will be leaving her current job as head of business development for a large awarding body and joining our team at Sygma Solutions, so expect more news on our courses towards the end of the year.


To book your free trial, or for any further information please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We also have our new website up with a regularly updated news section


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