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Utility Locating made Easy

The MALÅ Easy Locator is an easy to use ground penetrating radar system designed to meet your utility locating needs. In contrast to traditional locating equipment, the Easy Locator system will detect both metallic as well as non-metallic buried utilities. The MALÅ Easy Locator revolutionized the utility locating ndustry and is the industry standard and the GPR tool of choice among locating professionals world-wide

Advances in the design and construction of buried utilities have resulted in the ever increasing use of non-metallic materials. Locate professionals know the difficulties associated with non-metallic utilities and that conventional locating tools leave you a few pieces short. Ground penetrating radar is the only technology available that neither require physical connection to the utility, nor does it rely on electromagnetic (EM) radiation from the utility.

The MALÅ Easy Locator was designed to meet with the requirements from the locating industry and has become the standard ground penetrating radar utility locating tool.

The MALÅ Easy Locator is priced well below other ground penetrating radar systems and redefines GPR for everyday locators that need to find non-metallic utilities and perform surveys for unknown buried objects and utilities.

The system includes an easy user interface with almost complete automation of settings whereby the operator provides minimal input to begin collecting data. There are two antenna frequencies, optimized for both the depth and resolution required for locating utilities. The Easy Locator is designed to minimize setup time, make transportation easier and make GPR utility locating surveys cost effective.

“Having dealt with various types of GPR equipment, for our application there is no alternative to the MALÅ Easy Locator. It is simply the best suited GPR
unit to solve our detection needs.” – MWH Global, U.K.

The Market leading MALÅ Easy Locator

The MALÅ Easy Locator was the first ground penetrating radar specifically designed for only one application area, to detect buried utilities. With everything built into one unit, designed to deliver results immediately at site, and with an understandable and dedicated interface, the MALÅ Easy Locator made ground penetrating radar measurements easier, more accessible and understandable. The reaction from the market was immediate and the Easy Locator is today the market leader in GPR utility detection.

The MALÅ Easy Locator is an all-in-one unit with a hinged shaft enabling the entire unit to fit in the back of a normal sized estate vehicle for transportation between sites. The antennas, optimized for utility detection, are ruggedized, sealed, shielded and fit perfectly into the various cart options. The Easy  Locator monitor has excellent readability, even in direct sunlight, and the keyboard-less interface is controlled by a single turn-and-push dial. All sensitive parts of the system are carefully protected in a robust aluminum casing, weather protected and built to last through harsh environments and rough transports. The MALÅ Easy Locator is built to deliver at site and the dedicated built-in software is tailored for utility detection and include all necessary components from start to finish. MALÅ’s goal when designing and building the system was to make ground penetrating radar simpler, cost effective and more accessible to the utility market, hence the name, The MALÅ Easy Locator.

MALÅ Easy Locator SHALLOW:

The shielded MALÅ Easy Locator SHALLOW antenna is used for point targets as small as 3 cm in diameter and is useful down to 2.5 m depth in suitable soils.



MALÅ Easy Locator MID:

The shielded MALÅ Easy Locator MID antenna is used for point targets as small as 5 cm in diameter and is useful down to 4 m depth in suitable soils.





MALÅ Rough Terrain Cart option:

The MALÅ Easy Locator Rough Terrain Cart option simplifies measurements on non-paved surfaces. The larger wheels makes profiling smoother and allow
a larger air-gap between the ground and the antenna, thereby helping avoid smaller obstacles in the profile path.

MALÅ Easy Locator GPS option:

The MALÅ Easy Locator GPS option allows for input from common GPS receivers (not included), through the built in USB or COM port, and enables users to collect positioned markers and later view these in appropriate software.

MALÅ Easy Locator Grid option:

The Easy Locator Grid option enables users to create volume data using a grid of Easy Locator profiles. The build-in software guides the user to collect and process the data, creating and visualizing time-slices of the data volume, directly in the field.

MALÅ Geoscience is the Global Leader in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) with users in 113 countries and more than 60 distributors. With offices in Sweden, USA, China, Malaysia and Australia, and service centers in 3 continents, the company offers an outstanding level of service to customers and business partners worldwide.

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